Not everything is as dark as it seems.... Not everything is as dark as it seems....
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Vengence, Power mad.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:18 pm    Post subject: Vengence, Power mad. Reply with quote

The icy mist still blows around here, around in this very street that you left me in. This very street, that you made my life a living Hell. The rows of six houses still slightly decay, and the trees still creak like an old manís groan. And the people that reside in these muggy buildings still turn a blind eye to violence in the street. They witness it, they gossip about it, but they pretend theyíve seen nothing. They go about telling everyone how to behave, and not even practice what they preach. Theyíre a complete contradiction. This street still crawls with venomous mysteries, with hidden lies, and tortured souls.
Can you remember when we were teenagers? Iím sure you can, mustíve been the best times of your lifeÖIsnít that what they all say? I can almost hear them now, those adults. Those people who like to preach to us about how weíll enjoy high school. Their pathetic attempts at trying to comfort me still haunt through my mind. But not as much as you do now. You were a complete and horrific stuck up snob. Never cared about anyone else, unless it got you into the latest gig, or more drugs. You killed my boyfriend, why was that, honey, because he refused you? Did your fake attempts at slap, and flirtatious movements not get you anywhere that time? My heart broke, I actually felt the blood stop pulsing, and then start again easing a part of me in an absurd direction. My whole confidence ripped, shredded into a thousand pieces, and all because of some teenager. I know the police said there was never enough evidence, but I know it was you, you warned me about it, remember?
ďIf youíre not care full Eliza, youíll be nextÖĒ Those were your chilling words to me. Did you think I was going to keep my mouth shut? I told the teacher, can you remember that? I can. I still replay the day you were expelled, all over and over again in my mind.
I was afraid of your threat, I must admit, but I was no coward, and wasnít about to let you scare me. You killed somebody I loved, and thatís never ever going to exit my mind. Are you remembering any of this yet? Did guilt ever eat you up? No. I didnít think so, and thatís why Iím back. I can remember that very night I walked home, I used a different route, my heart was crying out for me not to, but I pushed it aside, I didnít want you to push me around, I wasnít about to let my inner desires dominate my wishes too.
Iíd walked half way through that street, when I heard you. You came towards me, with a gang of other drug addicted, life failing youths. Is this refreshing your memory at all? You were inches from my face when you demanded money from me. I had no money, and your cocaine decayed nose came closer to me, as you pushed me to the floor. I hit the snowy floor with a crash, my back had brazened with bruises. Iíd spent a lot of time examining that street, especially when my eyes searched for someone to help, someone to save me. I saw a women hurry inside, but I knew from the look of fear across her face, that she was going to secrete herself, not to get help. She couldnít have been as petrified as me, how could she, and how could she just leave me there with a gang of bullies, just waiting to terrorize me?
I was never one to fight, not even when you punched me, I never liked violence, I always used to believe words could solve anything, alas, thatís another trickery quote those adults had always told me. I didnít even lash out when you stabbed me in the arm, pinning me to the floor, so I couldnít even attempt to escape. Couldnít you see the look of anguish and trepidation surface across my face? But you didnít stop there, you allowed one of your friends to pass you a flip knife, and you hoisted it around my face. You teased me, said youíd let me live if I pleaded to survive, and like a baby puppy I did. I wish Iíd have bit you, that way then Iíd have caught your DNA. Then you changed your mind, you told me I canít live, because Iíll tell everyone. Tears were spilling across my cheeks, you showed no sign of sympathy, just killed me. You dug that blade into my leg; you let me bleed to death. You, your rotten breath, your cocaine nose, and your intimidating friends walked off. You laughed as you did so, and you let me bleed to death. You let me die. Your mad act of power killed two people, and no one even took a notice.

But now, Iím back, and revenge is sweet. Can you remember the pleading look in my blue eyes? Did guilt ever bite at you; corrupt your dreams; destroy your hopes? No. I didnít think so. You were way too vain to have cared. Iím standing in this street; this icy cold street. Iím waiting. Waiting for you. All thoughts of how violence is wrong has well deceased out of my mind. In about half an hour, Iím going to get my revenge. I laugh at the thought of it. Youíll be at my mercy. Iím not going to kill you. Iím going to use words, and maybe, a bit of physical harm. I might cut your toes off.
Iím going to force you to relive all those nasty, dreadful deeds you committed. Misbehaving people need to be punished. Iím going to giggle when you squirm on the ground desperate to escape a living nightmare. Iím going to make you burn in Hell, and Iím going to make it come early. Iím power mad, just like you were. Well, if you canít beat them join them. Isnít that another saying of theirs?
Powerís an incredible thing, isnít it? Itís so full of weakness as well as strength. Power could give someone enough strength to walk away from their voracious past unscathed. Power, what created this power? The feeling of love, the wanting to get somewhere else, prove to the world that youíre something special too, or is that simply created by power? I suppose one shall never really know. Power. An unusual thing. An incredible sensation. With enough power you could rule the world, couldnít you? Power, itís also a weakness, an incredible weakness. If I live up to this vendetta I now have against you, would you have won all along? Either way youíve destroyed me. With enough power I could destroy my conscience, or just simply push it to the back of my thoughts, this is a huge weakness, this isnít me, not really, why am I so wound up in this powerful vengeance? I donít know who I am anymore, is that because you never understood who I was? I had a family that loved me. I have a family that loves me. Iím so confused. Power. Strength. Power, itís enough to cause me to lose my mind, enough to corrupt me.
I donít hate you. I forgive you. But, youíre not even sorry. Itís unusual, isnít it? I was always so frightened, the hold teenagers have over todayís society is petrifying. I kindíve thank you, because now Iím no longer at that ridiculous age. Iíll no longer be thought of as a threat to the rest of the world, just because the rest of you should be. Is my death my fault, is it people like me that cause you to bully and torment everyone? Should everyone like me be killed by you? Would that mean that everyone else in this world will be afraid of people like you and your immense, not caring about the world, power surges? Iím confused. Iíve lost all sense of who I am, what Iím doing, why I canít rest. This whole ordeal as screwed with my mind. Iím your creation, Iím my revenge. Iím power mad.
Are you scared yet? You will be.
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