Not everything is as dark as it seems.... Not everything is as dark as it seems....
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The Uncorrupted

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:48 pm    Post subject: The Uncorrupted Reply with quote

A hand to her heart�Eyes at the floor�Breathing decreasing steadily. Quietly she sighs, removing her hand from her chest and she picks her eyes up off the floor. With a final glance to the darkness around, the door closes and she walks away from countless memories. Some good, others bad, but all very real. As she emerges into the light, a smell drifts towards her, causing a disgusted look to appear on her features. Her body shows no movement as her face only shows moments of disgust. The female seems nearly unphased as she starts to move her feet, walking past many unconscious people, a few bleeding slightly, but all alive.

Her eyes were glazed over; pale and almost unseeing, icy blue under the glaze as she continued to walk passed the human beings who lay scattered on the ground. The sound of her flat sandals was all that could be heard as she walked out of the antique banquet hall. A once loud crowd fell silent as the pale woman came out, staring at them with a deadly, ruby smirk on her lips.

A small child ran out from the crowd and up to the ethereal beauty. The young boy tugged on her silken gown and giggled. He seemed to be unafraid as the young maiden knelt down to his height. Her lips curled into a soft smile as she lifted a hand up to his head and onto his hair. She ruffled his blond locks gently before standing straight once more, patting his back to usher him towards his frightened parents standing in front of the large, silenced crowd. Once the boy returned to his parents, the woman�s body stiffened as she scanned her pale blue orbs across the crowd.

No one was na�ve enough to misunderstand a situation like this. It was quite apparent to her what they wanted, yet were too petrified to accomplish themselves. For a long moment, all stood quiet, still, and on guard. Then, the woman stepped forward carefully, sending the crowd into a startling stummble backwards as they tried to remain the same distance from her. Out of the fearful crowd, one brave soul found a stone, hoisted it above the heads of innocent humans and hurled it towards the goddess. It smacked her hard across the cheek and she recoiled with agony. Emotional pain swept through her. Had she really lost all trust from her people?

A confirmation started to grow throughout her being and she slowly nodded, ignoring the slow drip of sticky crimson blood that fell to her snow white gown. The goddess stepped forward and down onto the concrete steps of the banquet hall. Glenice the Uncorrupted would make one final performance to please her people. She outstretched her arms wide and with a final glance around the crowd, at seeing on the little boy who�d earlier shown her a kindness, Glenice paused. There would be no more pain of joy or love for Glenice. And her people would forget this day. They would carry their lives remembering something much more tragic and deep. "Carry your head high." Glenice heard in the distance. It was the boy. He would be the only one to remember. She smiled as a bright, overbearing light consumed the entire countryside: city, banquet hall, hilltop and all.
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