Not everything is as dark as it seems.... Not everything is as dark as it seems....
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Eternal Flames

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:14 am    Post subject: Eternal Flames Reply with quote

Fire surged around the males body. He quickly turned black and shrivled... dying, as the fire slowly, but surely devoured the body completly. The male screamed in torment, begging for any sort of mercy his torturer would give. But none would come. It was forbidden. The man stepped back slowly as the flames finally devoured the remaining bits of the body, and its soul. Thorn bit his lip softly, watching in silence. Speaking out during such proceedings would mean certain death, so was the price of living in Hell, and Thorn knew that full well, even for only being 21. It was a dark, dreadfilled, and chaotic life. Demons were supposed to love it, and Thorn did. . . But what he wanted more than anything was to leave Hell and to be able to make his own choices, and pick what he wanted to learn. He'd learned how to do darker things than most should ever learn, along with more elegant things. He was one of the privilaged few, he might have been th eonly one left in his family but before their deaths, his family had been one of many high class families. He was allowed to learn dark magicks, and also the more subtle craft behind it, among other things.

Thorn left the halls, immidietly after the sacrifice had been made. He wouldn't take part in the rituals tonight; tonight would be the night he planned his escape, and hopefully the night he left this forsaken prison.

He slammed his door shut, making it to his room, if it could be called that. It was more or a cell than anything else. Dark stone walls that glimmered with spells, darkish lighting, a wooden door with demonic symbols on it. That was his room. The walls were lined with book shelves; books that were only approved by the demon council. He was there charge. They'd taken him in afte he'd killed his own parents and family sevonds after he'd been born. The books held magick, and knowledge about all creatures that walked the earth. He smiled staring at them, he flicked his wrist at them. they shrunk immidietly, and fell into his pack. He then tossed it onto his bed. He left the room, heading to the hot fountains, were he would be hopefully alone as he contemplated his escape...
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