Not everything is as dark as it seems.... Not everything is as dark as it seems....
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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 1:43 pm    Post subject: Please don't steal Reply with quote

The High School Elbib

Verse one: [The Teighreays come to attack]

The yard suddenly seemed to go silent, they placed their eyes on her with eager intent � it was obvious they were listening � their ears seemed to spark out as she spoke.
Her voice was as clear as glass, and yet seemed as clogged as the northern lights, well it was clogged with something, her voice sounded harsh and yet sweet at the same time. Her voice was empty and yet filled with emotion.
She looked from one to the other, being careful to speculate every single one of them. She was unaware she�d be the basis of the future generation�s creeds, the future�s hope and prayer. She was unaware that she- Eiramesor Nosbig- was the cause and yet the stop of this war. She was so full of sin, and yet none had been committed- she was the innocence of the world�s betrayal, she was the one last thing that wasn�t going to back down. People had equal rights now, but there was no equality visible, all of it seemed extinct. She planned to change that. She will become something. Something big, she just doesn�t know it yet.
She could hear the chaos from over the hill, she could hear the shouts, and she hated those shouts. She hated their voices. She hated the sight of them. Hell, she just hated them. You�d think the young would have more respect-obviously not- today�s generation seemed to not care about anything but themselves. And they didn�t even do it to reach a dream; it wasn�t like some sort of plan to succeed in life. Their ambitions seemed empty, cold, and deserted. Sometimes, she�d sit and pity them; maybe they didn�t receive the right amount of love from those they�re supposed to? Or were they just as cruel as they seemed? But this was it. This was a civil-war, well at least in theory. Everything came down to this, being sixteen years old, wasn�t going to stop them. Who cared about the age gap? They obviously didn�t, I mean, they continued to hurt those older than them, and never classed it as bullying because of the age gap, and well, it was only about three years. The Teighreays were already throwing stones that are a big sin in her eyes. That was just damn right nasty and inhumane. Now it was payback.
Her crystal blue eyes, stared for a second into the air, and then returned to their faces. She was the only female there- at that moment- and she wasn�t going to wait. Telling on people never solved anything, unless they were adults. But these were teenage brats she was dealing against, they had no fear. Nothing scared them. And right now, she was willing to fake an uncaring manner, there was going to be a war. It was inevitable. There was going to be losers that were also inevitable. And that was it- to win or to lose- the choice was being chosen for them.
�You know,� she began, whilst walking slightly from left to right, in the sort of way a General would in the army camp. But this was far from army camp, yes they wore a uniform, the Teighreays just happened to wear the same as them. But it was okay, in the war, she�d tell the difference. Her friends had a sort of elegancy they didn�t, they were different, they were loyal, and as for the Teighreays they�d take down their own men just to create havoc. Well that�s not entirely true, quite a few of them were female, but they�d take them down too. Well to be honest, it would be the other way round, the girls in that side were completely evil, and older than them, but younger than her. And they were going down. Oh yeah-they were so going down.
�I�d die for every one of you,� she continued, �this is the last day of Looschigh, and this is the opportunity to do something, this is the chance that we�ve all wanted. I�m not saying you have to do this, if you want to just leave and never turn back. Then do it. But beware this, if you chose to do that it�ll be your conscience that gets the kick, it�ll be your guilt that grows, just realize that.� She paused and for a second, she thought she saw Nadia shift a bit, as though he was about to move. She looked at his face, well in theory he didn�t have a face, he seemed expressionless. No-face man stopped shifting and stood still, perhaps he�d just gotten cold. Or bored, who could blame him, being preached to by a girl, it must be boring, and probably embarrassing, and guys have their pride she was aware of that, she was just ignoring it.
�Now, we go out there, and we fight, we fight until the core. There�s going to be losers, maybe even deaths, but we WILL win. Oh yes, we will. Now go.� She ordered them across; well they didn�t even have to charge that far, because the other side was already on their turf. And then it began. The war was beginning.

Verse Two: [The battle begins]

The Teighreays were pounding down in a pack. Throwing stones, and tossing bricks all across at the Neverlayes, she watched the scene. She knew they wouldn�t harm the girls, but someone had to. They were getting way to big headed for their own good. She stomped up to them, she would have rather have settled it with words. They hadn�t worked before, but they might do now, or so she thought.
She walked to the one who seemed to be the leader; she had short brown hair, and wore glasses over her brown hair.
�Listen,� she called to her. The girl stopped throwing stones, and looked at her. For some reason she never threw, hurled anything at or did anything to Eiramesor, but doing it to her friends was bad enough.
�Why do you do it?� She asked, almost pleadingly.
The girl shrugged in reply, that was all she ever did.
�Are things alright in your life?� She asked, the girl shrugged it off, �I do it because they�re Greebos.� She replied.
�And that gives you the right to cause pain and havoc, and bastardise everything the bible or any holy book, or the laws has ever taught you?� Eiramesor asked.
�They�re different.�
�This is supposed to be a world of equality.� She told her.
�Well I don�t care. It will be a world of equality when those sweaties stop being different and weird.�
It amazed Eiramesor how people could get so wound up over others, and what they listened to or dressed in. That girl had just insulted her friends, and spoke against freedom and equality. She had one idea of equality, but it wasn�t the right one. She knew what was coming to her had to happen as much as she hated it, all shall be forgiven after, one day, everything will be forgiven, the past just had to be set first.

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