Not everything is as dark as it seems.... Not everything is as dark as it seems....
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Hope for the Future.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:08 pm    Post subject: Hope for the Future. Reply with quote

A future of beginnings and fairy tale happiness

An old oak tree loomed over a neighbouring little Victorian house. I say little, but in actual fact it has three floors. What is on those floors was a mystery, and still is to most, except me. It all started on 6th June in 1906. It was such a pleasant day, the sun was shining out and Master Henry Shmurf had asked me to go to the Harfold golf tournament with him. Oh joy; I was so over the moon when he asked me! Henry is so handsome and charming; he is such a sweet boy. He would've been my sweet-heart if I had wanted him to be, but I was only young. Only a young girl of seventeen, and he was 20 years old, mother would never agree with it. Back in the days when father was alive she probably would, but he had far gone. He died, no body knew why, or how. Some say he was slaughtered by people he owed money to but we are pretty well off and father wouldn't be so stupid to not pay up. He has children and always loved us and it's not like we never had the money to give to those sort of people, so what reason would he have to owe money? Others suggest that a moth man may have gotten him, but who could possibly believe in such ludicrous nonsense? Others say that Jack the Ripper got him, but I highly doubt that, since he�s been dead for quite a while now. So in the end nobody actually knows how he died and the police have closed the case.
Anyway, getting back to the story I am writing. After Master Henry had delighted me with such an offering, I decided to go and have a nice refreshing walk with my three younger sisters. We walked down old oak drive. The breeze blew all of our matching brunette hair, I looked down at my sisters, they walked so lady like yet they shouldn't have had to. They were children; they should have been running around and having fun. We were walking ever so fastly so I decided to slow my pace and let my sisters walk ahead of me. The walked side by side, their matching shoes in step with each other. Their pink flowery dresses all resembling one another�s, not much of a difference. Then little Eliza [the youngest] stopped, she had seen a small golf ball. Her blue eyes lit up, it was obvious she was thinking of something mischievous. Well what other people would class as mischievous. She picked the round ball up and threw at the second youngest, Victoria, who then threw to me. I caught it, a little smirk on my face. Nobody could see. No body could tell us to grow up and act like proper ladies. I threw it to the oldest one out of them- Siobvana. Siobvana tried to ignore the ball but couldn't resist such fun temptation. She caught it and threw it back to 8 year old Eliza, who then threw it to 11 year old Victoria who in turn threw it to 15 year old Siobvana, who threw it to me and etcetera. We were having such splendid fun until Siobvana accidentally threw it at the Old oak tree. It bounced off the tree and went straight threw the little Victorian houses window, causing a loud smashing sound. We all turned and looked at the direction the ball went.
Eliza looked at me, her lip quavering slightly. I didn't mean to...� She started.
"It's okay," I replied giving her a soft smile.
"But now we have nothing fun to do!" Teenage Siobvana complained.
"We could always carry on with our nice stroll," Victoria suggested in a dream like sense.
"Nice? Come on Siobvana, it's hardly pleasant, never mind nice." She stated quite sarcastically.
"But, in fairness it is better to walk than to be stuck with poor old mother down our necks."
"Yes but we should be like the boys. They can have fun. Why can't we? Well if we can't get that ball then I�m going to go to Aunt Fredrer in Yorkshire." She said in a confident voice. I turned to face her.
"Come one now, no need to be so hasty." I said trying to lighten up the atmosphere.
"But I like having fun, and it isn't like we can buy another one because they'd say it was so un-lady like to be playing such ball games.� She dramatized in a teenager kind of way. Victoria looked at her, and was about to open her mouth to speak but I stopped her; "Okay. Okay! I'll go get the drasted ball...I mean I�ll go and get the golf ball." I said not meaning it as angrily as it sounded, but it shut them up.
I moved towards the Victorian house. I could see the smashed window. I climbed over the locked gate, in such an un-lady like manner, but I didn't care. I jumped down from the gate and creased my dress that seemed identical to my sisters. I tip-toed across to the frosted, moth eaten, cobwebbed glass of the window and looked in. The room that belonged to the window seemed to have no life, and felt deserted. But not the usual desertion, a desertion that is hollow and empty, no feeling towards it. I examined the window, the window looked small and it took no genius to figure out I wasn't going to fit through it, so I walked to the door. This strangely opened giving off a creak that you would suspect to be in a horror movie. I went in feeling quite uneasy, I snapped myself out of the emotion and made myself feel lightened up. I walked through the dark dingy hallway, I would describe, but despite how light it was outside it seemed really dark in the house.
I passed what I thought was a piano, and turned into the room that I thought was the room with the smashed window. Even this room was dark, yet I could see the little crack [that seemed smaller] that the ball had created. I walked further into the room that made me feel ever so depressed. I felt like crumbling and just giving up on ever finding the ball, I have no idea why. I felt my way through the room and grabbed the ball. I turned to leave but discovered the door that was the opening of this room was no longer there. Feeling slightly frightened I looked around in search of an exit but could see none. My mouth became dry as I heard a sound that came from nothing. I walked around the room trying to calm my nerves, I must have been hallucinating I told myself. And there was still no exit of the room. And then I saw it.
Well more to the point I felt it, I felt as though I was being stretched, and pulled, and tugged in several directions at once. I looked around me I was in a similar place as before, in fact it felt the same. I saw the door and ran out of it, the golf ball still in my hand, I left the house. As I ran out of the house I knew something wasn't right. Weird sounds were heard from the street, which was a deserted lane before me. Children were playing some kind of ball game with a rubber red ball, throwing the ball from one side of the road to the other. I started as a metal piece of something drove past, being able to move by wheels. My jaw dropped open.
"Hey�You fancy joining us?� A girl asked me. I stared at the girl she was dressed so not lady like at all. She wore some kind of material that only came to above her knees [a skirt] and a vest so elegantly embodied at the top of her, her cleavage was so obviously there and I was horrified. She was dressed so improperly. I walked past the noisy street full of strangely clothed people and girls that seemed so masculine. Where had my sisters gone, and what was with these people?
I passed the whole small town without realizing, it seemed similar to home but as if it had aged by so many years. A lump rose in my throat as I thought of my sisters, they were only young, they might have been hurt. I passed what you know as a television and stared, what was that weirdly dressed lady doing there? And how had they managed to make moving paintings? I looked through people�s windows and noticed men slaving over what appeared to be cleaning and women were doing an equal share! I got excited, equality? At last? In about half an hour I had witnessed the future. Only I hadn�t noticed. Things had changed. Fashion had changed. People had changed. I showed a nervous grin. Whatever this place was was completely abnormal.
It felt awkward standing and experiencing a world so different to my own, so I hurried to the Victorian house, I don't know how I managed to find it, I just did. I went through the door and felt a surge of energy pass through me as the same sensation as before swallowed me up. I walked around the room, something told me this was where I was supposed to be, expected to be. I quickly made haste through the route I�d taken earlier, and hurried out of the door. I threw the golf ball at my sister on my way out. Time hadn't seemed to tick by, yet to me it felt like it had. My sisters seemed bored so we made our way back home. As we were walking a man frowned at us as Victoria played with the ball, tossing it from one hand to the other. Siobvana gave the man a dirty look, this seemed to surprise the sir and he looked away. Siobvana looked at me.
"Kaffifa, will we ever get the respect we deserve?" She asked as if she was saying something wrong.
I smiled slightly, "Of course we will; it may take centuries, but one day we will all be equal. At least we all hope"
And we walked strongly and bold, not caring what a man could think of us, in my eyes we were all equal and to prove my point I gave my elegant necklace to a passing homeless person, knowing I had just helped somebody.
Victoria held my hand, "Will we truly be equal, in life or will we have to wait until Heaven?� she asked quietly.
I looked at her young face. "You have so much to learn Victoria. Men are not superior and let you never forget that, women are just as capable as men. Women suffer childbirth, men suffer big headedness.� I told her giving her hand a little squeeze; she gave me a look as if to say: how do you know?
"Trust me I know,� I said boldly. "One day we will all be equal, yes one day..."

Chapter Two:

�Mother,� I said, �Mother, why are we expected to grow up so fast?� I asked, I knew the question had shocked her, but it had been irritating my mind for ages, and I just had to ask it.
�You are a lady, you are expected to get married soon, and become a house wife, and you need to learn your place as a woman. Women are supposed to clean, and cook. Not have fun. It�s about time you realised that.� She told me, sighing slightly, as though she disagreed with what she was saying.
�Do you really agree that?� Her mother, Diane, slouched slightly, and the hardened herself back up.
�Yes, yes, I do� She slowly said.
�You mentioned marriage,� I bought up.
�Don�t even talk about it; I want you to marry a descent man, a man who can make you happy.�
�But Henry would make me happy!� I argued.
�He would not, he isn�t rich enough.�
�His father owns a clothing line!� I could feel the rage building up inside of me, I tried to hold it down, honestly I did, but it was too difficult, I know a lady shouldn�t get mad, but I did, I do now, and who defines what a lady is anyway? �He owns his own house, and three horses! He even works at the factory, where they make the clothes!�
�He simply does not have enough money, to make you happy,� Mother argued, I refused to accept her explanation for me to live my life in unhappiness.
�Do you really think money is going to make me happy? Mother, material possessions do not attract me at all, I�m looking for love, not riches.� I sighed.
�Well, you shouldn�t just look for love, darling,� the way she said �darling� informed me that she was patronizing me, �You need security, you need money. I want you to be happy.�
�No, mother, you want you to be happy, ever since father has died, you�ve turned incredibly cold. You used to be so fun, and enjoyable, and now you�re just frigid, and far from gay. I do not like what you have become. I don�t understand why you�re not gay anymore, father still loves you. �
I spoke to her in an awkward tone, a tone I�d never used before.
�Hold your tongue!� She hissed.
�No mother, I shall speak as I succumb, the only thing you seemed to have grieved since his death is his money. Did you ever love father at all?� I felt her slap, sharp, across my face, and it caused tears to form at the back of my head.
�I loved your father very much. He was my husband.� I looked at the far distance look in her face, and then walked out of the room.
My face still stung as I made my way up to my bedroom.
I knew I shouldn�t have said what I had, but it was too late to go back on it. As I sat on my tidy and neat bed, I contemplated the past, and how it had affected my mother. I thought of my father, and as soon as I did I saw myself as that little girl again, barely 12 years old, playing chess with my father.

* My father looked across at me. He picked up his ruke, and straightaway check mated me.
�Well, father, you�re getting better than me at this,� I told him grinning,
�Well Kaffifa, I learned from the best. How is your sewing classes coming along?� He asked me, whilst he placed the figures that scattered the board into their wooden box.
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